Entrepreneurial Advice from Allon Raiz

Entrepreneurial Advice from Allon Raiz

20 lessons over 20 years #5
The false start

The typical pattern in many small businesses is that they start with a monthly revenue line that is relatively flat and a similar-looking profit line (or rather a lack-of-profit line) along with a cash-flow line that points 45 degrees downhill. As the business starts gaining a little traction and more deals come in, at some point, there will be an exponential increase in deal sizes. Often, the increase in deal size somehow triggers a signal to the entrepreneur that they have now hit the big time, that the struggle is over and their success is imminent.

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20 lessons over 20 years #6
Overcoming the first abuse from a customer

In the startup years, the adage “the customer is king” remains fresh and deliberate in your mind. You have probably convinced your customers (and yourself) that by using your company they will receive much better service than from the “big guys.” You get a little thrill every time you provide them with a solution to an out-of-the-ordinary request. They are, of course, the king (or queen) and you are here to serve.

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